Garden District Event To Benefit The Red Cross_ 2/21/12

22 Feb

We were so happy to attend tonights event at The Garden District to benefit The Red Cross. What an amazing event- great food, wonderful atmosphere and a wonderful cause. So many of us have had some type of event our lives where the Red Cross has helped us, some of us without even knowing. Tonight we thank them for all of the hard work that they do. If you would like to donate to The Red Cross- contact Rufino at The Garden District.


Ocean Elegance- Escort Cards- Message In Bottles

20 Nov

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Ocean Elegance

19 Nov

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Home Made Easier.. Written by Lizette Candela

7 Nov

Hi Ladies. This is a little note for all of our recently married brides. We know how overwhelming it can be to run a household, especially when you eventually add kids into the mix. We thought it would be nice to share some of the tips that help make our lives a little easier:

1) Make sure that your laundry room is super organized and that you have all of the materials and products that you like to use right at your disposal. I (Lizette) recently put up a shelf on the wall that has all of my favorite softeners and dryer sheets…stain pens, oxy clean…etc. A triple laundry basket is great too…so you can divide your laundry. I notice that when I pile all of the laundry into one bin, it takes me longer to get around to it because I don’t want to tackle it. BUT, when I put the whites with the whites and the towels with the towels…doing laundry doesn’t seem like such a chore.

2) Get a pressure cooker! This pot has saved my life! You can cook anything in it and it makes all of your food taste DELICIOUS! All you have to do is put all of your ingredients in, add water, add spices, close and cook! Voila! Dinner is ready! The meat is so tender it falls apart. It is so easy that sometimes I make dinner in the morning before I start work and then I don’t have to worry about it in the evening.

3) If you are a busy wives/mommies like us, you may be having a hard time remembering little tiny details- Here is the answer: Dry Erase Boards- SEVERAL OF THEM!  I recently put a dry erase board on the Kitchen wall where I put all of the TO DO’s for the family (Get Car Washed, Fix The Internet, etc…)…Then, I put a small one on the fridge for Groceries and Meals For The Week, and Lastly, I put one next to my desk for work notes and TO DO’s. You would think that the dry erase boards were not such a stylish addition to my home…BUT- heres the trick: Find beautiful large and small frames, create a decorated insert with your family logo or name on the computer or just a nice wallpaper or wrapping paper (leave enough white space on the bottom), frame and you can write on the glass! Voila, your own custom dry erase board!


4) Everyone has their own way of keeping organized with calendars and notes…but I will tell you that writing a daily TO DO list in some sort of binder or notebook has saved my life. PLUS, nothing feels better than crossing each line item off one by one. Try something that easy to tote around- maybe something that fits in your purse.

5) Rinse off every single dish that you put in the sink. Ideally- you should wash each dish after you have used it- but, let’s be realistic! Sometimes we just want to wash all of the dishes at once and they start to pile. One thing I have learned: if you just rinse each dish before you add it in, the dishes wont be dirty and grimy. Just make sure they are totally rinsed and leave them on the left side to wash. That way, whether you decide to hand wash or stick in the dish washer- either way is a lot less stressful. The worst part of doing dishes is trying to get all of the extra food off of the dish.

I’m still mastering the art of organization and have a long way to go. In fact, my business partner Christina has taught me a lot about these techniques. But, they really have saved my sanity. Being a mom, running my home and running a business can take a toll on you if you aren’t careful. These simple daily tasks can help you be a happier wife and mom and can have a positive impact on your life.

Have a wonderful day!


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Romance By The Sea

5 Nov

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29 Oct

Introducing: Custom Quill Pens


Custom Quill Pen

Bachelor Event-Gulfshore Life

29 Oct

We were so excited to be a part of the Bachelor event for Gulfshore Life. They honored the most eligible bachelors of the year. What a great time! They had a photo booth, so we decided to have a little fun!


Photo Booth at Gulfshore Life-Bachelor Event- Pure 10.27.11

Stay tuned for more pics from the event !

The Holidays Are Here!

26 Oct

We cant believe it! The holidays are here!!! Feels like we blinked and they came back around!  Need some ideas for items that you may need?

Holiday Cards

Custom Gifts For Friends and Family

Holiday Gift Tags and Labels

Custom Stationery

Custom Address Stamps

Custom Wrapping Paper and Ribbon

Welcome Gifts for Out of Town Family and Friends…

And Tons More!

Call today and schedule your appointment to have them custom created! We have so many paper samples to choose from and since they’re are custom, the design possibilities are endless! 239-594-7223.

Protected: Manfrediz Digital Proofs- Rehearsal Dinner Seating Cards

25 Oct

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Protected: Rashelle Holiday Card Ideas

13 Oct

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